There are so many different areas and restaurants to choose from now for any taste and budget you will be spoilt for choice. In fact too many to mention. Prices range from a few dollars to $$$ dependant on venue.

Chefs for private villas

Bag Snatchers and Petty crime

This is certainly not an everyday occurrence but can happen in Bali. Avoid walking on the footpath with a bag over the same shoulder as the road. There are reports of people on motor bikes riding past and grabbing your bag from your shoulder. Don’t leave bags unattended on the beach. Watch out when children surround you selling postcards and beads as you may have your pockets picked as well as people you do not know hugging or touching you. Your wallet or mobile phone may disappear in an instant. Be vigilant especially after dark.




Indonesia has very strict laws relating to drugs (including possession for personal use). Possession and trafficking can lead to long jail sentences and even the death penalty. Be aware that many people trying to sell you the drugs are often undercover police trying to lure you in. Magic mushrooms are also readily available so be cautious of the hallucinogenic effect altering your perception of reality, especially if you overheat.Be especially aware in the nightclubs.Take precautions when drinking late at night in these areas and if you are a lone female please watch your drink at all times. If a cocktail sounds too cheap do not drink it as it will most likely consist of backyard Arak and can be lethal.Gambling is illegal in Indonesia.


220v AC. 50Hz - You will need a European two round pin plug in Bali. Available at any minimart for $1-2. If you have more than one device to charge it is worthwhile to bring a power board with you.

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