The expression Jam Karet (Bali Rubber Time) is a way of life. Things happen when they happen in Bali and you may just have to relax and wait, there is no point getting stressed as this won’t make things happen any faster. There is no point getting angry either, as generally Indonesians do not respond well to confrontation, so try to just go with the flow. Traffic can be slow and this can be due to a car doing a 50 point turn in the middle of the road, a ceremony or cremation procession which has closed off the streets or road works. Try not to leave things to the last minute when traveling around the island especially getting to the airport for flights or a ferry to another island.

Make sure you only get Blue Taxis that will turn the meter on for you as rogue taxi drivers are on the rise. Bali Taxi 0361 701 111 0361 701 111

If a taxi will not turn the meter on hop out. There will be many more to choose fromUber is also now available in Bali. The average cost of a driver per day is $50-$80.

You can rent a car or motorcycle if you have a valid Tourist, Indonesian or International Driving License. A one month Tourist Driving License can be obtained in Bali – you will need your passport and Australian driver’s license but best to check with your local RAC to obtain one before you go.If you intend to hire a car or scooter in Bali, this is a must along with a helmet. Always carry your insurance and registration papers with you for the hired vehicle as there will often be police checks if you are travelling in the busier areas. If you do need to bribe the police at their insistence the going rate is usually 50,000rp or $5 AUD but usually if you ask for a receipt they will back down. A way of life in Bali unfortunately though they are cracking down on corruption.


Please see the link below for the top 30 recommended sights to see on the Island of the Gods while you are in Bali. I highly recommend getting out and about to see as much of the island you can.…If booking external tours please book through a reputable tour agency rather than one off the street as to not risk losing your money and also for personal safety. Please be careful when booking a tour to swim with the dolphins as some companies are being investigated at the moment by the animal cruelty charity BAWA due to their treatment and captivity.Or book with The Bali Buddy for set tours.


When swimming in the sea current underflows can be very strong, always swim between the red and yellow flags and do not swim too far out. Do not leave your belongings unattended on the beach. Always travel in pairs and do not venture out in the water alone.



Spa Services

These are just somel recommendations but well worth a visit.

Beach Clubs

We love;

  • Finns Beach Club

  • Karma Kandara Beach Club

  • Cocoon Beach Club

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