Airline Contact Details

Garuda – Australia Phone: + 61 1300 365 330 + 61 1300 365 330 + 61 1300 365 330+ 61 1300 365 330
Bali - Phone: (361) 761 414(361) 761 414 (361) 761 414(361) 761 414 Ext 7807
Jetstar - Australia: + 61 (03) 9645 5999+ 61 (03) 9645 5999 (03) 9645 5999(03) 9645 5999 or 131 538
Indonesia - 001 803 852 9779 001 803 852 9779 or (613) 9645 5999(613) 9645 5999 (613) 9645 5999(613) 9645 5999
Air Asia – Australia: + 61 1300 760 330+ 61 1300 760 330 + 61 1300 760 330+ 61 1300 760 330
Bali - +62 21 2927 0999+62 21 2927 0999 +62 21 2927 0999+62 21 2927 0999

ATM Machines

ATMs can be located in every area in Bali. Ensure you take your card out at the end as many people leave it in the machine not realising it returns your card after cash.Although ATM's are located all over the island there is a maximum limit of 3 million rupiah per transaction withdrawal (Approx. $300 AUD) with a 3% bank fee from your bank plus an ATM usage fee in Australia if it is not your own bank. A small trick with the ATMs is to look for the ones that give 100,000Rp notes then choose other amount and key in manually a larger figure up to 3 Million Rp. 

We actually have a separate bank account with its own debit card that we transfer money into as needed and have none of our normal banking attached to. This way if the card is lost or stolen it's an inconvenience but not as big drama if it was our day to day banking account. We actually use this same one for online shopping.


Credit Cards

Credit Cards – Visa, Amex, MasterCard are all accepted and can be used in 90% of stores and hotels in Bali. If visiting other islands it is always best to take cash.


Money Changers

Please use legitimate money changers only. Suspicious offices,signes pointing to a stall/market = trouble.There are, we regret to say, some dishonest moneychangers in Bali. From fixed calculators to miscounted money, the speed at which they work defies belief. Whatever trick they use, you will end up with less rupiah than you should have. Having said that, the Balinese are fundamentally honest and helpful people. There is a reliable chain of moneychangers called PT Central Kuta (blue signs with white writing) that also give good exchange rates.We also suggest BMC we frequent the one on the corner of Jln Legian and PatiMura. You will also see signs at the KODAK shops with PT central money changers written on them. Make sure you always ask for a receipt.Don't rely on their calculators. Ask for larger denominations, the less notes you receive, the less you will have to count and the less chance of being ripped off. Try and always change an amount that will give you a round and easy figure to work out in your head. Always be the last person to touch and count your money. If the money changer is using an auto counting machine count your money out in front of them first as notes have been known to disappear.Look for the money changers that charge NO commission and ask again when you are in the shop if there is a commission. Avoid any money changer offering a surprisingly high exchange rate.

Questionaires/Scratchie Tickets

Do not fill in timeshare questionnaires or open scratch tickets on the street as they are a scam. People will constantly call you once they have your number and will not be deterred.

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